We are searching for a master-franchisee

We are searching for a master-franchisee

Last edited: 10.01.2018

I’m making an offer to sell the rights to a city-wide scale master franchise.

We are already well settled in the US, Spain, Italy, so everything will be fine with the products.

For those willing to open a business in a warm country, Quito, the capital city of Ecuador is just the perfect place:


Details of the offer are as follows:

We’ll take account of the target number of quest in the city in a period of 10 years of work, using the formula 1 quest = 100000 population

The master franchisee will pay a franchisee fee for the whole city at the rate US $5000 per location.

In return the master franchisee gets exclusive rights to open escape rooms under the brand name “Komnata” and most importantly, gets the right to sell sub-franchise within the city.

We’ll give the master franchisee all expertise on the project, right to scenarios, we cover for website maintenance and internal crm-systems. Well in general,everything that is needed.

The amount of franchisee payments and royalty for sub-franchise remains totally at the discretion of the master franchisee. The only right we keep to ourselves is the right to 3% of payable royalty since we’ll cover for the cost of maintenance of work in our infrastructures.

The contract holds for 10 years. If in this period of time, the target number of escape rooms is attained then the contract is automatically extended.

An example of an account for Canada.

So let’s estimate how this project may look for a potential investor in Canada.

In Canada, there are 4 big cities with population of over a million people: Ottawa(about 1 million), Toronto(2.7million), Monreal(agglomeration about 4 million), Calgary(1.2million). Lump sum payment is estimated to $100,000 - $400,000.

In any of this cities it is totally feasible to deploy 25-30 escape rooms, as we did in Kazan.

Currently we calculate franchise fee according to the following scheme:

  • $5,000, if there are less than 5 of our escape rooms in the city.
  • $10,000, if there are more than 10 of our escape rooms in the city.
  • $30,000, if there are more than 20 of our escape rooms in the city.
  • $50,000, 30 escape rooms or more.

As it is seen from the table, a successful launch of a project in any of these cities covers your expenses, and launches a process of getting a stable passive earning (as in royalty from your sub-franchises).

Note that you’ll receive not just interesting ideas but also mechanism, which have been successfully tested and are effectively working in many countries, a trademark, and all expertise we have gained in the past years.

For all enquiries email me: akramin@yandex.ru .