Looking for an investment of $600.000

Looking for an investment of $600.000

Now I am looking for investment in an existing cryptocurrency business. The money will be used to develop the ZeroToHero company, marketing campaigns, and community development. The investor will receive a 20% stake in the company.

It has already happened to me more than once that new horizon were opened after a bold and ambitious post on my blog. Let's try this road again.

For the last two years, I have been developing the ZeroToHero bot. The bot buys and sells crypto futures, constantly fixes profits, and thanks to a sophisticated money management algorithm, stays afloat even during times of strong market drawdowns.

Just look at these amazing results:

I think this is the case when the numbers speak for themselves.

We can talk about the algorithms and mechanics of work for a very long time, so I send those who are curious to a special site where this is all in detail: https://zerotoherobot.net/

If you come to the conclusion that you are interested in this investment opportunity, I am ready to personally meet and explain all the mechanics in detail.

But this is not about trading opportunity.

My personal income in this business comes from commissions taken from our investor's profits, and I really want to maximize these profits, maximize the number of investors and earn more through this.

I have been trading publicly since January 2022. During this time, more than 80 investors have joined the trade, and this number is gradually growing .... but, of course, as it always happens in a normal business, it does not grow as fast as I would like ;).

Trading in 2022 was not easy. The crypto market fell from its highs by almost 80%. However, I'm happy with how everything works for the ZeroToHero bot. All predicted values are consistently achieved, and money management works well.

In the first months, I attracted new investors through personal social networks, friends, and acquaintances, but now it's time to move on to action.

A year of public trading is enough time to start an active marketing campaign. I need to cast ads, make integrations with public figures, go to YouTubers, etc.

Of course, this all requires budgets, so the investments I mentioned above are needed.

Attention, tricky scheme!

Here I need to talk to you about how exactly the investor money will be used, because. this is an interesting moment, I'm sure you have not seen this before.

We will deposit money into a trading account and connect the ZeroToHero bot to it. Further, all the profits received from trading will be directed to the implementation of our goals, and the main body of investment itself will remain on the account.

We won't spend investment money!

This approach will allow us to spend money on marketing indefinitely. Trading profitability will allow this. It doesn't matter how long it takes. Six months, a year, or even more - we will always have funds for development.

What will the investor get?
The investor will receive a 20% stake in the parent company that develops the project.

How to contact me?
If you are interested in this offer, write to me directly by telegram https://t.me/artem_kramin