Why "Komnata" is different from a million other escape room franchises?

Why "Komnata" is different from a million other escape room franchises?

I was repeatedly asked for that question by potential franchisees. And I decided to collect everything I have to answer here, to simply give a link in future.

  • We are really big. By the number of locations with now more than 110 we are among the top world escape room network. And these numbers are not just "goals and projects", but the results actually achieved.

  • According to the distribution geography, we are probably number one now. We have opened quests in the US, Italy, Spain, Finland, Germany, South Korea, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia. In every country there is a local cultural and bureaucratic specificity, there are pitfalls, which we will try to tell you about. Where you open a business in a new country, you wonder how illogical and complex the world can be. But we did it many times.

  • We have practical experience of opening and promotion all over the globe, and we personally participate in these discoveries. We attach a specialist to the whole construction stage. Mexican in New York and Saami in Finland are equally responsive to adventures, dangers, fears and joys. However, the process of launching a word of mouth process is still quite different. We have this different experience, and we are ready to share it.

  • We have not just opened in many countries, but have already string established ourselves there and are actively growing. In New York, for example, we already have 15 escape rooms, 4 new ones are being built in Madrid, 2nd already built in Barcelona and Helsinki, etc. No comments.

  • Winter of 2017, we became the largest network of quests in New York

  • We have a previous experience as a franchise buyer in another business. And we understand that the franshisees really wants and we try to give it.

  • We have a registered trademark (certificate obtained) in Russia, EU, USA.

  • Our website is translated into 8 languages. The same goes for our escape room. So, for example, our "Sant Angelo's castle" is already built in Russia, Finland, the USA, South Korea, Spain, Italy. It is adapted for the local audience and translated into local languages everywhere:

  • By the way, our "Sant Angelo's castle" is at the moment the most popular escape room in the world! It was built in 27 cities and warmly welcomed in New York and in Helsinki and Busan.

  • We are proud of the industry's best support team. Our backoffice will help you to quickly and effectively launch your location. Our construction specialists, designers will answer for all your questions. We know how to make faster, cheaper and cooler.

  • We have nice and modern brandbook and a clearly formulated style. We actively use them in our work. It would seem that this is a mandatory item on the list, but not. Logos from the MS Paint and posters made using the MS Power Point are a typical case in industry. Working with us, you get a compilation of all necessary layouts and templates for work. Flyers, posters, logo, business cards, banners, letterheads, etc. This is what the archive of materials for promo and SMM looks like:

  • Our website in addition to the part of the site responsible for interaction with customers, has a large back-office (part of the site responsible for organizing internal work: booking system, financial report, armor report, collection of contacts, cash register, system of certificates, etc.). All franchisees have full access to the entire infrastructure. The back-office is now localized into Russian, English and Spanish. Italian are on the way.

  • Franchisees get access to a unique base of scripts. You get a script that is already has been tested by real life. This will significantly reduce the risks when starting a project in a new city. Such scenarios as "The Man Who Did Not Exists" (built in 23 cities), "The Sant Angelo's Castle" (built in 25 cities) are currently the most popular escape room scripts in the world. We also apply for free all media (audio and video materials) if it's exists.

  • We own the best industry expertise on the organization of effective work within the franchisees network.

  • Becoming a part of a large franchise you also take on the brand reputation. Currently, we operate in 42 cities around the world in Russia, the US and Europe and are among the top ten largest franchises of escape room's in the world, which is a serious competitive advantage over local projects.